The SUNCITY DEVELOPERS LTD (SDL) established in 2004 by some highly qualified engineers whom are so experienced to provide professional services for high quality CONSTRUCTION & for the best proposal & recommendation to perform any structural construction, any engineering jobs, engineering management services etc. and are capable to work in time. The Directors (shareholder) of SDL served in many responsible positions like Teacher, Executive Engineer, Structural Designer, Chief of Engineering Department, Managing Director of other real estate company, Chief Consultant etc. in Bangladesh & abroad. At 2010 we formed another company name SUNCITY PROPERTIES LTD. where one non-engineer share holder added newly. So, Suncity companies Share holder now 4-Engineers & one non- engineer.  Mainly one man Managing Director and one man chairman our of 4-Suncity named company. Among share holders two Engineers of them served with Grameen Bank for long times, so that a fare construction management idea they acquired from many construction projects like high-rise building, factory building, 700 office & residence buildings, roads, bridges, hydraulics structure etc. of Grameen Bank  In 2012 we formed SUNCITY PUBLISHERS as Managing Director Sardar Md. Amin is a writer & working social movement  of national,  international & Local issues. contribuate in cultural movement Suncity wanted to publish books of different writers to establish  a fair & transferent system  of book publishing & sale to give actual realty of the writers. Suncity publishers want to open a chain shop of books  marketing in all over Bangladesh to establish by one book shop at each  town . Now its main center is at 38, concord emporium, Katabon, Dhaka.

Suncity Constructed a family resort at Ashulia, Yearpur village for family picnic & holiday enjoying. Suncity has already completed land scarping, rest house, caretaker house etc. A meeting room & movie display center is going to construct. It is a small resort for plus/minus 20 memberís picnic & 3- bedroom with AC. Per day rent basis it can be used from 01st July, 2013 as planned. Suncity Corporate office management & staff for all companies are same.
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